Playground Fall Material

June 15, 2022

School is back in session and the playground is active again.  It is time to start regular inspections and maintenance.  Since most injuries on playground equipment are the result of falls to the ground, ample fall material is essential. 

Children's play equipment support base with exposed concrete footing due to low wood chip protective surface covering
  • Ensure fall material is loose and ample.  Material is often kicked away in high use areas such as at the base of the slide.  Move material back under equipment with a rake or your foot.
  • Remove sharp objects from fall material.  If you find needles, broken glass or other dangerous objects, use gloves or a shovel.  If children are present, send for assistance while preventing the children from entering the area.
  • Replace loose fall material to maintain the proper depth for the height and type of equipment.  If necessary, ban the use of equipment that lacks adequate fall material.
  • Unitary surfacing (i.e. rubber mats) require maintenance and can be vandalized.  Conduct regular inspections and repair or replace as needed.
  • Keep logs of all inspections and maintenance that have been performed.  Keep records of all additions or repairs to the fall material.