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The general operation of SIA is a collaborative effort of the staff and management, including the strategic planning for SIA’s programs.


• Strategic planning
• Visional concepts to decisions, strategy, and implementation of ideas
• Legislative advocacy
• Investment program, in coordination with Finance and Operations
• Course of construction guidance
• Property valuations
• Internal office management



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Finance & Operations

As a not-for-profit organization, SIA is highly protective of our member’s financial resources. Through meticulous attention to detail and financial expertise, our members can depend on our strength.


• Accounting
• Underwriting
• Actuarial analyses
• Dental and Vision programs and benefit plans
• Human Resources
• Payroll


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Prevention Services

We are dedicated to promoting a safe, healthy, and supportive environment for school employees and students. Through a variety of communication methods and services, we help our members understand the importance of safety and health and how they can affect morale and productivity.


• Trainings and workshops
• Employee Entrance Evaluation (E3) strength testing program
• Ergonomics
• Playground safety and inspections
• Leadership Academy
• Golden Carrot wellness incentive program
• Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
• Storm water pollution prevention program
• Schools site safety inspections
• ADA standards and policies


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Property, General & Auto Liability

We strive for excellence in handling each claim in a fair and objective manner, while following appropriate claims management guidelines and protecting member district funds.


In-house claims administration for:
• Physical property damage
• Comprehensive legal liability
• Collision and comprehensive auto incidents of district vehicles
• Claims investigations









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Risk Management

We strive to protect the human and financial resource of our member district through policy and regulatory support and guidance. Each emerging issue is an opportunity to find solutions that will support and educate our members.


• Regulatory compliance and safety programs
• Emergency preparedness and planning
• Online training program coordination
• Contract review and education
• Cyber security
• Child sexual abuse prevention
• Anonymous reporting tools resources and coordination



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Workers' Compensation

Our mission is to provide prompt, appropriate medical care to injured employees and all other benefits the employee is entitled to receive, while also working to protect the districts’ financial resources. We believe the best way to handle workers’ compensation claims is to determine the compensability of the claims as soon as possible, utilize quality medical providers and ancillary medical services, assist the employee in every way possible to stay at work, and resolve issues as they arise as fairly as possible within the law.


• In-house claims administration
• Early intervention nurses
• Structured return to work program
• In-house utilization review program


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