The Golden Carrot fund provides for the promotion of health and wellness programs in the SIA member districts. Emphasis is on reaching the greatest number of district employees with the wellness message.

Some key points to remember:

  • One representative at the district will be appointed and act as point person to correspond with SIA staff. In order to facilitate fund usage most efficiently, it is necessary to streamline this process with one district representative who tracks all requests that may be made from other personnel planning health and wellness programming.
  • To secure funds, the district representative needs to complete the Golden Carrot Request Form.
  • Once authorized, the school district will purchase items or service and provide receipts for reimbursement or invoices for payment.

Golden Carrot Fund Policy and Usage Guidelines

  • Eligibility: Only school districts in the SIA Workers’ Compensation Program are eligible for funding.
  • Funding Allotment: An amount is budgeted each year and approved by the SIA Board of Directors. This amount is determined based on number of full-time employees in the district.
  • Usage: Funds are available each SIA fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).
    • Funds will not be carried over to the next fiscal year.
    • Districts must receive prior written approval for all purchases using fund money. 
    • Funds shall be used for items or services that promote health and wellness, or support health and wellness campaigns or initiatives. 
    • Funds cannot be used for district staff salaries or items SIA staff find unrelated to health and wellness education. 
    • No more than 5% of the fund may be used for auxiliary items (i.e., decorations, utensils, tablecloths) and only during a health and wellness related event.

Fund Request Procedures

  • Decide on the project or activity.
  • Determine the item or service needed.
  • Determine the cost and quantity needed. Depending on the item or service, SIA may already have a resource available at a reduced cost so please ask us.
  • Complete the Golden Carrot Request Form at least 2 weeks prior to your event.
  • After receiving authorization, you may purchase the approved item(s) or service(s).
    • Save your receipts.
  • After your event, please complete a Project/Activity Evaluation.