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TDD for persons with hearing loss  TTY: 711

The SIA EAP offers a multitude of resources to help you and your eligible family members handle the challenges of life. 

Emotional Health

When you need a helping hand, a skilled professional can provide focus, direction, and support. MHN can help you identify and resolve issues involving:

  • Marriage and relationships
  • Family conflict
  • Stress, anxiety, and emotional distress
  • Grief and depression
  • Alcohol or drug dependency
  • Life changes
  • Coping with loss following a natural disaster

Eligible members are entitled to face-to-face counseling, telephonic consultations, and web-video consultations.

Work & Life Services

MHN can assist with information and resources for the following challenges:

  • Childcare
  • Eldercare
  • Daily living services
  • Financial services
  • Legal services
  • Identity theft recovery services
  • Home and property repairs following a natural disaster

Management Consultation

MHN’s management consultants provide professional guidance and support for managing difficult workplace situations, troubled employees, and job performance issues. Their consultants have a unique background in professional counseling, human resources, and business, allowing them to offer insight, assessment, training, and action plans that are right for your managers and employees. Other management resources include Job Performance Referrals and On-Site Critical Incident response services.

Personal Wellness

  • Personalized Wellness Coaching
  • Online wellness assessments, programs, and tools
  • Aware Mindfulness Program

Online Assistance

Managed Health Network (MHN)

You can access assistance with work, life, and health challenges at one convenient, private website. Some of the features include multi-media self-help programs, articles, and links for a variety of emotional, health, child, teen, and family issues.

Provider Search also offers a list of MHN’s mental health providers. A one-time registration is required. Your dependents may use it too. These services can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the internet.

MHN will hold your privacy in the highest regard. They will not share any personally identifying information to your employer, or to anyone outside MHN. You can use the site with confidence and comfort when searching for the personal information you need.