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Injury and Illness Prevention

To assist districts in providing a safe and healthful workplace, the SIA model Injury and Illness Prevention Program provides an outline of the essential elements of the plan. All California employers, including school districts, are required to have an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) in place and it is often requested when Cal/OSHA visits. An IIPP must:

  • Be in writing
  • Identify the person with authority and responsibility for implementing the program
  • Provide a means for identifying job safety and health hazards
  • Establish routine documented inspections and describe corrective steps taken to eliminate any hazards discovered
  • Document training of new and current employees in general safe work practices and specific hazards related to their job assignment
  • Provide a method for assuring compliance with safety requirements
  • Describe a system for communicating with employees on safety and health matters

IIPP Model

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Appendix C – Sample Safety and Health Policy Statement

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Appendix D – Monthly Property Checklist

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Appendix E – Hazard Alert Form

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Appendix H – Safety Meetings

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Appendix J – Accident Investigation Report

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The following materials are available to help district staff with their safety education and responsibilities:

Mail Handling Guidelines

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Warning Labels
The following Warning Labels are available upon email request to Prevention Services. Be sure to indicate the specific label you are interested in.

  • "Do Not Remove Paperguard from this Papercutter"
  • "AV Cart Tipover Hazard"
  • "Folding Table Tipover Hazard" (1 1/2" x 10")
  • "Folding Table Tipover Hazard" (8 1/2" x 11")
  • "Warning! Alarm System Electronically Protected" 4" x 4" (specify front adhesive or back adhesive)

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Email to request Warning Labels